Sunday, 9 January 2011

Updating a Rented Bathroom

Bathrooms are funny rooms in rented properties. They're always a bit rubbish - and it's pretty hard to imagine updating a bathroom without being able to rip it all out and put in a new one.

We have 2 bathrooms. One loo, and one actual bathroom with a bath in it. They're both alright but not amazing - so I've had to update them a little.

The bathroom with a bath in it is still currently being updated. Remember when I mentioned how it helps being nice to your landlord? There is no cabinet in that bathroom and it is driving me crazy! It also has a shower screen which I'm not getting on very well with (the shower is way too powerful so the shower screen doesn't actually keep water off the floor) so after a few more kind words, I'm getting them both sorted (yay!) although I am forking out for the cabinet myself - I thought it only fair as I have been asking for a lot lately.

But for now, the loo has been updated.

This is what it looked like before. Okay, but nothing really that nice.

It's so plain! White and plain and boring. I can't change the wall colour or the suite. But I can change the mirror and add a few much needed accessories. So behold, it's transformation!

A vase of artificial flowers means they can survive the lack of natural light, and also keep forever so I don't have to keep replacing them. The picture in the frame is the same paper I used in the bedroom frames on the shelf so as I had it leftover, it was free! And the mirror? Well, that mirror is my favourite. Half price in the sale at Argos, so it cost me £20! It adds a touch of glamour and hides some of those ghastly tiles behind the sink!

Overall, I don't think it's bad for a rented bathroom. Especially as I feel I've updated it a lot with not very much. I'm rather happy with the result.


  1. Love the mirror and the flowers. Much improved.

  2. Amazing make-over! Well done!


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