Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Paper Pleated Flower

I took yesterday afternoon off work and spent my time cleaning up and doing a big food shop. These are normally things I do on a Saturday so this morning I woke up with nothing to do!

I had a wonderful extra long lie in, and sat in bed flicking through blogs and looking for something to do with my day, and I came across a blog I had never read before - dirt cheap decor - and a valentines banner that was utterly gorgeous.

Now ideally, I would make one exactly the same as hers because it was too pretty not to, but unfortunately I didn't have any paper remotely similar to what she had and I wanted to use up paper I did have. So I got up out of bed and had a rummage through paper at my craft nook and found something pink.

Unfortunately, I'm not hosting anything to do with Valentines and it's sad to say I can't really decorate for a holiday that I'm not hosting. Mainly because Matthew would probably tut at the amount of pink banners and love hearts surrounding the place, and because it seems a bit pointless to put all that time and effort into Valentines when I could be baking instead. But the banner was too pretty not to make! So I compromised with myself. And set off to make a single pleated flower instead. This way I'd be happy that I made something, Matt wouldn't sigh in disbelief when he came home from work, and I would have enough time in the afternoon to make some Chocolate Fudge cookies and Chocolate Florentines.

So after half an hour of folding, gluing and listening to Vernon Kay on Radio 1 I ended up with this!

Pretty cute, isn't it? It's hanging in the window in the living room (which also resulted in me cleaning it thoroughly and finding out how to open it for the first time in 9 months - it's an old victorian-style pull window) and the light just shines through it! My one little piece of Valentine decor.

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  1. It turned out lovely! Isn't it fun to pretty up your place for Valentine's day? Thanks for your kind words about my banner. I'm so pleased you like it!


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