Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A Spa Deal Treat For Me and My Bessie

I was searching lastminute.com wishing myself away to another country for a while and whilst I was there - I saw an amazing offer. A 75 minute massage session for £25! In London - so not too far away, and in the middle of where me and my bessie live (she lives in Ascot) so I thought it would be a nice treat for us both to book in, have a good ol' little pamper sesh and go for a few drinks in London Town.

I hadn't gone in search of this. I just happened upon it. Which is why I think it was the best bargain ever. Sure, I wouldn't have spent that money had I not gone - but in a way there is something nice about getting a deal for a whopping 80%(!!!) off that made me feel quite pleased with myself.

Plus, I get to treat my very deserving best friend to a nice day (on Friday she worked a 19 hour shift at a hotel - my idea of torture) for £200 less than what it would of cost to go without this deal. I don't care if it's not amazing - in fact, if it's awful we'll have a good giggle about it - but it means I get to spend a full day with my bestest ever friend and have a really girlie time.

Another deal is currently on this week so all you UK ladies need to head on over there and grab yourself a treat!

(But don't tell your bessie just how much of a steal it was - just tell her you love her and think she deserves it)

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