Monday, 31 January 2011

New Project Inspiration

Eeeeeeeeeeeee do you ever see something which gets you one hundred and ten percent excited?

I've been wanting to join a class at Just Sew in Brighton for ages now, and I've needed a project so I can bite the bullet and just go (I'm a little scared of not really knowing what to do in new situations).

I've been thinking about making a new tablecloth for the round table in the living room (because Matt dropped a candle and burnt a hole in it) but after I saw this apron, I have now decided that this will take priority. Which is impressive, really, because I only saw it an hour ago. My mind can be made up like that! *clicks fingers*

(image via cherrymenlove)

It's BEAUTIFUL! Cherry, Cherry, Cherry - how do you do it?

I have been 'wowed' at an alarming rate this past year, and most of it is because of this lovely lady. I often see her posts and then have an overwhelming urge to copy her do something similar myself.

If I ever meet anyone who likes crafts and other homely things, I point them in Cherry's direction. She's such an inspiration and I love seeing how her life is turning into everything I've always dreamt of.

So this will definitely be the next sewing project I embark on. All I need now is to find myself some material that will do it justice!

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