Saturday, 22 January 2011

Fortnum & Mason Champagne & Chocolate Box

If I could recommend anything in the world, I would recommend working for a small company.

Before, during and after University, I worked for Starbucks. It was a okay job - good if the people I worked with were nice, and I had the chance to transfer to the Hove store when I moved to Brighton - a major bonus when it came to proving to my landlords that I would have a job when I arrived. But after a while, it got tiring. My manager had it in for me and made me feel useless. I was 23 and I had a degree yet I was told I wasn't even good enough to be a supervisor for a coffee chain because I was a 'perfectionist'. So needless to say my self confidence hit an all time low.

A few months later, however, I got another job. This time with a small firm in the heart of Brighton. I had already done this kind of work before and it all came naturally to me. I was praised for my quick learning and my ability to organise and for the first time in a long time, I felt better about myself again.

I realised quickly that the main problem with large companies was the 'middle management' - the managers who had no real input into the company and were constantly having to deal with complaints from their managers about the performance of those at the very bottom - even though these managers in 'higher places' knew nothing about being on the floor and made all their decisions based on 'reports'.

Now I work directly with the owners of the company, and they make all the decisions. They can recognise my personal achievements and determine the level of responsibility I have. Since before Christmas, I have been planning a team building day and Thursday was that day. I put my life, soul, and a lot of hours into this and it finally paid off. The day was a massive success and I was so knackered proud of myself by the end of it.

But despite organising almost everything for the day - I did not expect to be given a little present at the end of it! My very first year of working with this company has been amazing and I've enjoyed every minute of it - which really is enough of a gift in itself, but I was given this wonderfully beautiful thing!

Look at it! Gorgeous!

The bosses did very well in picking out this. Fortnum & Mason is just up my street - for someone who has no money, I do pride myself on my incredibly expensive taste (even if I don't have the ability to buy it for myself!)

Not only does it contain some delicious champagne and champagne chocolates, but the box is utterly divine. Once I have merrily consumed the contents that box shall be transformed into some form of craft box. It's too beautiful to be thrown away, but equally too beautiful to be hidden away in a cupboard for fear of keeping it in less-than-perfect condition. It's longing to be kept out on display to remind me of my achievements and, of course, to be admired by anyone and everyone who sees it.

The champagne must be drank on some occasion. Possibly Valentines Day. And no doubt I'll enjoy the chocolates at the same time.

So I would like to thank the bosses. The best bosses in the world. I promise I will not leave you.

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  1. I am totally with you regarding small companies. I have been on both ends...working for a small, family owned apparel manufacturer and then later a large, well known outdoor/sportswear manufacturer. There are pros and cons to both, but I prefer the smaller atmosphere and can so relate to your perfectionistic tendencies...that's moi too! :)

    Thanks for your recent comment on Polly Want a Crafters Blog regarding the bird mobile that I made. I left a comment on that post for you. I think you should make one for yourself. I have a friend that is doing one.

    Happy Monday!


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