Friday, 21 May 2010

Serving Ware

I love dishes. And bowls. And glasses. And cake stands.

Number 1 reason is because they look so pretty! But the second reason is because they hide the packaging.

I don't like packaging. I don't like handing out bags of crisps to guests and getting them to dip their tortilla chips into a plastic pot of guacamole.

Serving ware is the ultimate way of making something that is cheap look presentable and thought out. I think a nice tray is a great investment - especially if your kitchen and livingroom isn't open plan. Imagine how nice it would be for you if you went to a friends house, and instead of her holding a bottle of wine under one arm and wine glass stems between all fingers, she walked in with a tray full of glasses poured and ready to drink. It costs about a fiver and makes a great impression for your guests, time and time again.

The same with food. Trays are great for serving on if, like me, you don't have a coffee table. I have a tray with a cushion underneath which I do not use for eating whilst watching TV. Instead, I sit it on the floor full of bowls and ramekins and tuck in.

Alcohol is another thing that I don't like spending a huge amount of money on - and even more so if I'm handing it out to other people and not even enjoying all of it to myself! You can buy very cheap glass jugs and serve from a pitcher. If you make your guests their first drink on arrival and then bring out a pitcher for them to top their drink up, not only do they not see that you've bought a plain bottle of gin rather than Bombay Sapphire, but you can choose the ratio of gin to tonic (or any other drink you desire to have).

And by keeping lemon cartwheels and lime wedges in the freezer, you can look incredibly prepared even for unexpected guests.

Top Tip: Keep cheap (but nice) wine glasses for the occasional time you have more than x amount of people coming round. Nobody likes to be served wine in a tumbler because you've run out of them!

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