Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Brighton Festival

The weather is nice and I wanted to go outside.

In May, Brighton has a Festival - and this was it's last week. So we headed out and walked down the road to go and look at the Artists Open Houses.

There are hundreds all over the place, where artists open their homes to the public and turn them into museums of sorts. We looked through 5 and spent a very long time in a B&B in Hove which had different artists displaying work all through the building. There were paintings and sculptures, crafts and cushions, lampshades made of bits and bobs and bits and bobs made of lampshades. It was fascinating.

I wished I could have bought a lot of the things I'd seen, but I was happy enough to have a freebie day out looking at art (and perving a little bit on the stunning buildings).

But the freebie day out didn't stop there. You don't have to spend any money to enjoy a park in the sunshine, or a food festival. Take the samples! I confess to spending £1.50 on an Oyster but I had never had one before and this was my chance. It made me a bit happy and I can now tick that off my lists of things I would like to do/eat. It's these kind of places where I would love to be able to spend a lot of money - but it was all so expensive. And to be honest, I had a great time just looking at everything.

The hustle and bustle of this atmosphere is very pleasing to me. I love seeing people out enjoying themselves and the sunshine. And look how blue that sky is! Not a cloud in the sky.

We wandered through a few more houses on our way back from the Market by the beach. I got some great inspiration from a vase of flowers made entirely from plastic wrapping, beads, buttons and wire (you can take a look at the website here). It's amazing how pretty something can look when a little bit of care goes into it.

Passing through the park, we saw even more of the festival going on!

More stalls...

Screams and laughter of children tucked away through the trees...

And a mini show for people enjoying their picnics!

I would have loved to have stayed for this, but we needed to head back and the sun was buring my English Rose shoulders.

But this day was so full of exciting things going on right on our doorstep! I always miss these things so I am going to make sure I keep checking the Brighton Festival website so find out when more events are happening.

If you live in a community where things like this are common - make the most of them! Especially if they're outdoors and especially if they're free. If you don't know - hit the web. Search for something. It's totally worth a free day out.

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  1. WOw it was a beautiful day! Here in my island It has been raining all week...

    Btw your blog is great! Just became a follower!

    Mine is www.nycislandgal.com
    Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)


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