Sunday, 30 May 2010

My Student Digs

When I moved into my student flat it was pretty basic. Cream walls, wooden floor, and basic furniture. The curtains were the most vile colour of yellow that I had ever seen and were quickly ripped down and replaced with bargain pale green ones that I'd found at a clearance material shop. A cheap green rug was bought to match and I added some purple cushions for a bit of variety and a print to give the walls something.

I was happy with this set up for a while, but the room just felt a bit too clinical and empty. The amount of work I was doing meant I had to spend a lot of time at my desk and it was in my tiny bedroom, so I thought I'd have a bit of a change.

Putting the desk in the living room meant that I could enjoy it a bit more instead of being crammed in my bedroom. I purposefully left my computer at the desk to encourage me to NOT stay in bed whilst writing my essays and I added a small notice board and some ornaments to keep it looking interesting.

It felt cosy and that's what I wanted. Sometimes too much space isn't comfortable. And the best thing was - I didn't have to buy anything! I just moved stuff around to see where it fit best. I even got more space in my room to prance around in whilst checking out my clothes in the newly positioned full length mirror. Win all around.

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