Thursday, 27 May 2010

A New Fabric Shop?

There are a lot of fabric shops in Brighton. A lot. But I have searched through them and I can never find anything that I want. So much fabric and nothing that calls out to me. I couldn't make my table cloth because I couldn't find the right material. The same thing happened with some gifts I was going to make for a friend. And it annoys me a bit, because I know exactly what kind of fabric I want and I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere.

I had been flicking through websites trying to find free events that will be going on in the city for free and I came across an Quilt Making event. As something that interested me, I skipped on over to the website and have found their online shop (an online shop is a must for me - I do not like not knowing the general cost of something when I go into a shop as I hate the feeling of walking out because I cannot justify paying the amount shown). That is exactly the type of fabric I'm after. Good old patterned fabric. Sturdy fabric. Brightly coloured fabric.

So next weekend when I have a Saturday free, I shall take a wander down there and have a look at what they've got. I'm feeling all creative having recieved Katie's present yesterday and I really have to start channeling my energy into something other than watching Glee or Junior Apprentice.

I shall let you know how I get on and whether or not I will encourage you to order some pieces for yourself. If anyone has any sugestions for good quality cheap fabric in the UK then please let me know - I would be eternally grateful!


  1. aw your super sweet!
    please stop by and say hello again!

  2. what a brilliant name for a shop!


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