Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Homemade Presents

I got home from work this evening and there was a small package waiting for me.

I love post. Love post. It's very exciting when it's something that doesn't look as though it's bills related it. I opened it and was so surprised to see what was inside. 'Home Sweet Home' hearts from my friend Katie!!

Possibly the most beautiful house-warming gift I have ever received. Ever. I love them. The stitching, the buttons, the little charm on the second 'home' heart. So beautiful that I put them up in a prime position. On the side of my bookcase - visible for all to see and matching perfectly with the decorative items that sit proudly on display.

Personal gifts mean more to me than anything that a person could buy. They say 'I thought about you enough to put time and effort into something'.

In fact, only today I was looking in Velvet and saw things similar to this. I think I'm going to get some lavender out of the garden and make some lavender stuff hearts. I'm going to pretty this house up bit by bit.

And give out some lovely presents with all the extras that I make.


  1. That's such a sweet gift!

    And thanks for the moving support! It seems to be coming together. Friday is the big day. Let's hope I can get through it without too many injuries!


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