Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Time to Start Walking!

The weather in Brighton has been playing up a lot recently and confusing me in the mornings. It starts out quite miserable and then perks up in the afternoon when the sun comes out. This means that I usually ignore what the weather is like in the morning and dress for the afternoon which can sometimes make me look a bit ridiculous.

This happened yesterday when I woke up and it was raining. Not wanting to be wearing my wellies outside later in the afternoon in the glorious sunshine, I decided to wear summer clothes and get out of the rain by doing something I never do – getting the bus to work.

I walk to work every single day. Come rain or shine (apart from in this instance) I take the 30 minute walk through Hove and Brighton to get to work by 8.15am. I like walking, and whenever I am asked why I walk I say it’s because I enjoy it, but the reason is much more economical – the bus and train are shockingly expensive. £3.60 a day. That’s just less than £20 a week, and just over £70 a month. And there is no way I am spending £70 a month on a bus. Not when I can walk for free – no way.

I have worked out a route that changes scenery a few times to keep it less mundane.

I start off walking along the main road.

Then through the park. Where I get to perv at my favourite house and play out fantasies in my head of what it would be like to live there (picture at top of post).

Then up through the backstreets of Hove and past the old houses.

With a handy little Post Box on the way in case I need to send out anything.

Until I arrive the in the centre of town where I work! (I don’t have a picture of that because there were bin lorries ruining the view!)

I find that by varying the walk a bit it breaks down into easier chunks and I don’t feel as though I’m walking a long way. But it’s a mile there and a mile back and I get my little bit of exercise by just going to work. It saves me a hell of a lot of money and I enjoy it. I enjoy it even more when I put the radio on on my phone and giggle along with it.

I now walk everywhere. Which is massive for me as I never went anywhere without my car, but now I don’t see the need!

If it’s less than a half hour walk – try to walk it. Don’t just pop to the corner shop in your car – walk there! It saves petrol and it gives you a bit of exercise. It’s one of my number one money savers and it really does help. I know not everyone lives close by to local amenities but if you do, and you can, do it. Don’t get the bus, don’t get a cab – walk it. And spend those pennies on something a little more worthwhile.

I’d rather buy myself something pretty than pay for petrol.. wouldn’t you?

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  1. I love walking! Can't really do that in the States. Everything is just so far away! Unless you live in NYC or maybe DC you can't survive without a car.

    Cute blog!


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