Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Expensive Looking Hand Soap

Mother knows best.

And in many cases, Mother gives me very handy hints and tips. She's a whizz when it comes to saving a few pennies and I have learnt a lot!

My favourite tip of hers is the liquid hand soap tip. And once you know it - it will become a firm favourite of yours, too.

I hate (hate, hate, hate, hate, hate) cheap looking toiletries. Bathrooms should look pretty and bottles that are on display should always look nice. Unfortunately, pretty looking bottles are expensive and it's not a good idea to keep buying them just because they look nice.

Mother's tip is to invest once. They're not really that expensive. £3 or so, but not the type of money you want to spend every other week on soap. So buy a nice bottle just the once. One that has a screw top and one that is ideally a not clear. If it's clear, that's okay - but it just means you won't necessarily get the best results in the next stage.

Once the pretty soap has run out - go out and buy your regular cheap soap. Empty the cheap soap into the expensive soap bottle et voila! Expensive looking soap without the expensive price tag! Your guests (and you) will appreciate seeing attractive bottles in your bathroom, and you can gloat inside knowing that it's actually tesco value and cost you pence!

Feel free to do the same with shower gel, shampoo, bath essence and anything else you want to look pretty in your bathroom.


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