Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A Tidy House

I think its maybe because it looks as though you’ve got to be a super woman in order to work full time and run a household efficiently, but I just see people in a better light when they have a neater house.

Now I have to admit, there are times when I deny that my house is untidy. I put off doing anything, and then make excuses (which are true, like how I cannot face doing the washing up when there is piles of it – but can quite happily wash up if there is just one load to be done) until it gets to the point where I cannot live like this any longer and have to tidy up.

My main kick up the backside is when I know I have guests coming round. I have to give the impression that I am super tidy at all times, and when I start to clean – I realise it doesn’t actually take that long! I can do the entire place in a couple of hours and I think *why didn’t I just do that straight away??*

Matt went away for 5 days last week and I realised that I can keep the place tidy when he isn’t around. I’m not distracted, and I can just press ‘pause’ on the TV when I want to wash up, instead of only being able to listen to it while he carries on watching the really exciting fighting/flirting/embarrassing incident on Big Brother or something equally as unimportant yet much more exciting than standing with your hands in soapy water. I can also put my clothes in the wardrobe/in the washing basket at night, while he prefers to put them on the floor and then doesn’t move them when he wakes up in the morning because he’s *got work to do*.

Men are difficult. If you don’t nag – they don’t do it. And if you do nag – they get all moody and say *I was going to do it – later. You just haven’t given me time* and don’t accept *later means the place stays a mess for longer than it should* as a reason why they’re wrong.

Maybe this is why tidy houses give the impression of impressive women. Not only do they have a lovely place to live – but they have controlled their men!

Keep a tidy house and not only will it make your visitors much more impressed with your home, but it will keep you stress free and ready to receive unexpected guests at any time of the day. And is there anything nicer than walking into your livingroom in the morning and not seeing work to do?


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