Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Pretty Teacup

I've picked up another cup. Yes, this new tea cup joins the Thursday's Child mug in a bid to start my own cup 'collection'. It looks pretty. Very pretty. In fact, when I have more I shall very much want to serve tea in them as I'm sure they'll bring a smile to a guest's face (or is that just me being a bit odd?)

This teacup is one of a set of 3. This was the only one on sale in Bert's Homestore in Hove - but I'm sure I've seen others in their store in Hove. I will get them all! They're a set from dotcomgiftshop and if I can't find them in Bert's, I'll just order them online.

Along with the high tea cake stand! How utterly adorable is this?!

It's £3 cheaper in Berts, and I wouldn't have to spend on postage. But still, it's almost £30 and I'm not quite ready to part with that amount of money just for a cake stand... although I think I might be swayed once I get round to making these ah-may-zing looking cupcakes from GlutenFreeGoddess. She's got an entire section dedicated to gluten-free vegan recipes and I'm having so much fun reading through them all. So pretty cupcakes need somewhere pretty to be displayed.

1 comment:

  1. Like it :)
    If you don't want to spend lots on a ckae stand you can buy 3 different sizes of plates and some little sherry glasses cheap from a charity shop and then use the sherry glasses upside down to form tiers between plates and glue them - saw the idea in a craft book a while ago x


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