Monday, 7 February 2011

My New eBay Store

This Friday just gone, I had my wisdom teeth removed. All four of them. It wasn't a scary experience by all means - the nurses were super friendly (the anesthetist was my favourite - he said working in a hospital is just like how it is on Green Wing) and everything went swimmingly!

But because I was having an operation under general anesthetic I needed someone to look after me for at least 24 hours after. Matt had work on Saturday so he was out of the question - so cue my Mother!

My mum makes me laugh... a lot. She's recently made a new *like soul mates* best friend and they are always hunting for bargains here there and everywhere. Margaret practically lives in TK Maxx and she's driving my mum down the same path.

When she arrived on Friday night she told me a story about how the two of them were searching for sale items in a home store, and were grabbing up everything they could find for 30p - they each left with 2 huge bags full for a grand total of £10.

The reason for this madness? My mum was thinking of her brand new addiction: eBay selling. It started at the beginning of the year when the family were clearing up old toys to make way for new things after Christmas. My 13 year old sister brought down bin bags full of old clothes, toys, games etc and my mum couldn't throw them out. Their nextdoor neighbour had recently made £800 by selling unwanted items on eBay so if they could do it... so could she!

Less than a month later, and she's already made an incredible £80. All by selling little things that my sister was going to throw out! Any that don't sell are just re-listed and if it becomes obvious that they won't sell, then off to the charity shop they go - but it's been so worth a bit of time and effort to actually make some money out of it.

This weekend my mum has been constantly checking her eBay account to see what's sold and what hasn't - so much so that me and Matt have got the bug, and we've been convinced to sell some of our old clothes.

I've had a pile of jeans waiting to be gotten rid of so tomorrow I'm taking photos and putting them up! But that's just the start. At the beginning of the year, I said that I wanted to sell at least one thing that I had made - so I'm on a mission now to get creating things to sell on an eBay store. It'll be a bit of a hobby, and a way to make a few pennies on the way.

I've even already started to make my shop!

Does anyone have any tips?

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  1. i ebay gently loved items, too. my tips are to set your prices fairly and know what like items have sold for. if i'm organized enough i like to post on saturday or sunday, though that doesn't always happen. communicate well and give as much detail as possible. good luck!

    sounds like your wisdom teeth surgery went well. take care of yourself and use that syringe like they tell you!!


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