Saturday, 31 July 2010

Use Your Voucher Wisely!

I don’t like offers that aren’t really offers at all. A WHSmith £5 off voucher when you spend over £10 is a good deal if you’re always buying books – but doesn’t save you any money if you fall into the trap of spending £10 that you wouldn’t normally do just to get the deal.

The same could be said about the £5 off at Tesco voucher that was in the Daily Mail this past Sunday, but I do spend a lot of money at Tesco so it would be a good deal for me (and I like the free magazines that come with Sunday papers – I sometimes find good pictures in there to put up on my Inspiration Board).

However, the offer runs out today so we had to make the most of it and I will spend that fiver on a bottle of wine, or a bottle of Gin (but probably the wine) and it will do me nicely! As we have to spend £40 to get this deal – we might as well use it wisely (ie. not buy lots of chocolate and wine just because we have an excuse to) and get some meat in. We always make the mistake of buying lots of pork chops (probably because they are always on offer) but I will not fall into that trap because all you can make with pork chops is a variation on pork chops. No, this time I am getting chicken, turkey and bacon. No mince beef – no no, that’s a winter meat (apart from burgers and I have nothing to cook them on) and even though I have some I can’t find anything summery to make out of mince.

And with most of that save in the freezer to help me along this next month, this week I will be making:

Salmon & Purple Sprouting Broccoli (not sure why it's in Tesco now - but I am not complaining)
Lemon and Garlic Turkey & Sauteed Potatoes
Gnocchi & Homemade Pesto
Tomato & Balsamic Pasta
Courgette Carbonara


  1. Oh, no no no! Get the pork!! hehe

    My household is half Chinese (I'm the pasty half) and so we cook a TON of Chinese food. Pork chops can be sliced up for stir fries, or minced for meatballs, or just hacked up for a nice rice casserole. So versatile! I only every buy whole meats anymore...whole fryers (to be baked), whole loins of pork or beef (to be sliced, portioned and frozen and pulled out later).

    Is Tesco a grocery store? I had thought it was a (petrol?) gas staion!

  2. haha, it's both! it's a GIANT supermarket and one I don't think I could live without. It also has little corner shops and petrol stations :)


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