Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Selling Your Stuff

Never under estimate the power of selling your unwanted things on the internet.

I used to be a fan of eBay, but since moving to an area where Gumtree is often used, I have become an avid fan. We used it to sell our giant TV cabinet when we moved house and other household items. It's better on eBay for 2 reasons: it's free, and you get what you ask for. Of course, on the downside - you get what you ask for - which could be a bit of a curse if you have an item that's in demand.

I find it particularly useful for larger items - items that can't be shipped easily. Write on the ad 'please pick up' et voila - absolutely minimal effort on your part.

I put up this dressing table mirror about 3 weeks ago. My mum had given it to me months ago but gave me a beautiful mirror when we moved so I had no need for it anymore - but I didn't want to just throw it away. Instead, it's sat happily behind my sofa until someone decided they needed it. And for the girl who bought it, it was perfect. She was so much happier than I had been with it and that's a home I was glad for it to go to.

£15 for an item I had behind my sofa is a good deal. That's a bottle of wine, or three. It's a trip to the cinema, and it's less clutter in our home.

This weekend, I suggest a good old rummage through drawers for unwanted bits and bobs and get selling! Gumtree, Craigslist, eBay - you name it, you get your stuff on it! And treat yourself to a new dress for these fiiiiiiiine summer days!

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