Friday, 4 June 2010

It's Pimms o'clock!

Sometimes I get so caught up in saving money that I forget to actually go out and do things like a normal person. I guess it's a kind of fear of spending my money so frivolously but it needn't be.

I go out on a Friday after work maybe once a month. That's a decent amount, I think. I'm not spending money every week on drinks, but I'm not alienating myself from the group by always refusing an invitation. Plus, there's something about always having to say no to going out with people because you can't afford it that makes you feel just rubbish.

No one wants to openly say that they have no money - and so you don't have to give that impression. 3 weeks in a row, you can 'happen to have other plans', but once a month 'yeah, I think I could go for one' is a treat for yourself.

But one is enough. One is sensible and one stops you from getting so drunk that you don't care about how much money you spend. One also gives you the chance of being offered a drink, and you smile sweetly and thankfully accept, before heading home because that was your plan. Stay any later and you could get sucked into rounds and that is the worst thing for anyone on a tight budget to get involved in - don't do it!!

So this evening, I sat in the glorious sunshine amongst cheery Friday night just-out-of-the-office banter and enjoyed my (free, thanks to Tom who treated me after I did a lot of work for him this afternoon) double Pimms and lemonade.

Summer is finally here.

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  1. I found you on 20sb. Your blog is lovely! I am finally at the end of the education part of my life and am looking forward to working full time and no longer having to say "oh, I have other plans!"

    And I agree, I got into a "rounds" situation one night. My goodness, it was expensive!


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