Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Second Bedroom

When I moved 300 miles to a brand new area, one of the requirements of a new apartment was that it had two bedrooms.

I do not have any children. No babies or toddlers that require another room to sleep in. Nor do I have a lot of friends visiting who need a proper bed to stay in for the night. In fact, I do not have an extra room that I can decorate and make look pretty because this second bedroom is not my requirement. It is very greatly needed by my other half. You see, my beloved is a musician... and has a lot of... how should I say it..? ...Stuff.

This added room makes us appear so much wealthier than we actually are. Not only does he have a Studio to work from, but the rest of the house stays pristine and less like a college dorm.

His friends and colleagues say I'm very kind to have allowed him to have his Studio but let's face it... can you imagine me allowing him to keep all that in any other room? I think not!


  1. That is quite the set-up! What type of music does he play/make?

  2. I have an almost identical situation - our spare room is full of my husband's musical equipment (most of which seems to be tangles of leads). With a baby on the way we're going to have to make a choice either to move or to downsize his 'studio' and move it somewhere else. We love this house and really don't want to move, so we're trying to put off making the decision as long as we can!

  3. Emma, I can totally understand how you feel!

    The area in which we live is incredibly expensive and I have no idea how we would be able to afford a 3 bed place should we need to in the next couple of years, but I can't imagine having to ask him to downsize get rid of the room altogether - let's just hope we manage to buy a house before that time comes!

    Meg, he's a recording engineer and producer. He also plays in a couple of bands - piano rock/tech metal.. currently setting up his own business whilst studying for his final year at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. Quite a busy fellow! I think he's probably best left undisturbed in his room...


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