Sunday, 5 September 2010

Show Home Inspiration

I have somewhat of a massive fascination with looking around houses. To be more precise, I have somewhat of a massive fascination with looking around show homes.

I'm visiting my parents at the moment and a new development is being built at the top of their road and to satisfy my curiosity, Matthew and I wandered up there to have a bit of a nosey. I do like to go dressed nicely and look as though I am intending to buy and look around the house believing that I am, in fact, going to buy it. We sat on the sofas (very comfy!) and admired the layout of the bedroom before going up to the attic floor and fantasising about how Matt could turn it into a studio for himself.

The best thing about looking around show homes, though, is the use of design. It's hard to not get enticed by the cleverly missing wardrobes and lack of television in the front room, but occasionally you get to see something that sends ideas whizzing about in your head. That something was some wall art in a bedroom.

The wallpaper was patterned with large images and above the bed a mismatched array of empty frames were hung to display the pictures on the wall. Topped with a ribbon or two, these frames looked absolutely stunning and made me dig into my bag to get out the camera and take a picture. It was a fantastic way to create a feature on an already busy wall, without making it look as though too much was going on.

It's a shame, really, that rented accommodation doesn't allow me to do something like this myself but it is definitely going into the memory bank to be brought out again when I am able to decorate a bedroom as beautifully as this.

Ah, one can only dream...


  1. It sure looks pretty and very creative.

  2. Gorgeous! know what you COULD do?! Spray starch!!

    Buy some cute toile fabric. Get it good and wet with spray starch (like for ironing) (umm...wet, but not dripping) and then just press it to the wall. Voila! It will stay up as long as you wish it to, and come off with NO damage to a painted wall when you're done with it! A quick wipe with a damp cloth, and your landlord (and his future tenants) will never even know it was there. ;-) (We did this in our last rental...*ssshhh* ;-))

  3. I LOVE that idea. I'm like you in terms of my loving to look at homes, especially the pretty ones, of course. I always have, but I've recently developed a greater appreciation for home decor, and spend WAY too much time watching HGTV and flipping through home magazines.'s scary how I'm becoming like my mom.

    Stuff like this is so inspiring, yet it makes me feel inadequate. I don't know if I'm that creative! I'll probably end up stealing a lot of people's ideas when I do finally have a home of my own. In the meantime, I'm having such a hard time readjusting to my new (and smaller) living space that I'm just trying to get rid of all my unnecessary stuff because I can even throw my own personality into it!

  4. **The "because" in my last sentence should've been a "before." Always editing myself...


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