Sunday, 4 April 2010


The thing I often see that people get wrong when it comes to making a house look homely, is stick to a colour scheme and not stray away from it at all. And the most popular colour scheme? Brown and cream.

I think this is pretty common as it’s neutral. The idea is that anything will match magnolia and whilst this is true, it is almost always matched with brown and one single colour. Although the idea is to look modern and stylish, it can become a trap, with the decorator afraid to add in another colour in case it clashes.

And I have been guilty of this. The colour scheme in my living room at my flat at University was green and purple (as accessory colours - the walls were magnolia). The bedroom was blue and brown (again, accessories only). And whilst the bedroom was fine with a colour scheme (I actually love blue and brown – I still have that in my bedroom now – but I’ve added white into the mix) The livingroom just didn't feel full enough. It was lovely as student accommodation, don't get me wrong, but it lacked something busier and just felt a bit too empty at times.

I've come to realise that a room doesn't have to be bursting with objects to make it feel full and comfortable (you may like a more spacious feel, but i find that too often than not that a minimalistic approach lacks a bit of warmth) and incorporating colour fills this gap.

Say you rent, for example. The walls are magnolia. The carpet is cream. You have a brown sofa. Your TV cabinet/case is wooden and your TV is black. Your dining table is wooden. Your bookcase is wooden. Everything is brown, or cream and dull. Is there anything you can do?


Add colour with your cushions and curtains and put some bright flowers in the centre of the table (the daffodils were a pound from Tesco - you cannot resist flowers for a pound). The bookcase adds dramatic colour to the room and creates a feature. 4 little things and I have transformed the brown shades.

Not only is it possible - it's easy.

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